Fast Fashion Facts

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, the fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter in the word. Was that a bit surprising? Who knew that it takes at least 2,700 litres of water just to make the shirt you are wearing?

I’ve done some research and put together an infographic on the most compelling facts about the fast fashion industry.


It’s time to rethink our clothing decisions and help reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry. But how? Well if we could simply extend the lifecycle of our cotton garments by 9 months, we could potentially reduce the water footprint of our clothing by 30%! (Noble 2016) But what if you think that you really can’t wear this shirt anymore because you no longer like it? Sell your shirt and let someone else extend the lifecycle for you!



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3 thoughts on “Fast Fashion Facts

  1. furforfashion says:

    Thank you for the infograph! It’s shocking to see how many things are negatively impacted due to making clothes. Will definitely extend my clothing wearability much longer and not buy apparel that one does not always need.

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