Fashion bloggers on second-hand

I’ve done a little digging and found a few sustainable fashion blogs that you should check out! And what’s so great about them? They all promote and love second-hand clothing! Whether it is on where and how to find great second-hand pieces, the story behind second-hand purchases, or how to look after them, they’ve got it all covered!

Check out these awesome blogs:

Recycled Fashion – Fashion blogger based in Australia dedicated to writing everything about sustainable fashion and finding those special recycled fashion wardrobe pieces!

The Second-hand Challenge – her amazing journey of buying only second-hand clothes for an entire year!

the Note Passer – How to gently and thoroughly clean your second-hand clothes

The Private Life of a Girl – Some benefits, rules and tips on second-hand shopping

Style Wise – from the second-hand challenge to the do’s and dont’s of second-hand fashion

Model4greenliving – Why giving up fast-fashion was one of the best things she’s done




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