Easy Thrifted Halloween Costumes

As a follow up from my previous post, and with Halloween being only 2 weeks away, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite costume ideas for Halloween that can be easily bought from a thrift shop, or even with the things you already have in your closet!


Image source:ย Lyndsay Picardal

1.Wednesday Addams – all you need is a little black dress to wear over a white collared shirt. A bonus if you can find some white or black long socks/stockings. You will also definitely get the chance to wear the white shirt and black dress again, whether you wear it together or separately, you can’t go wrong with a simple white top and a pair of jeans or a little black dress!


Image source: Sara du Jour

2. Audrey Breakfast at Tiffany’s – another easy costume where you’ll need a little black dress (you can never go wrong with the little black dress! It’s a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe). Finish the look off with black gloves, sunnies, heels and a pearl necklace and earings. Bonus if you can find a cigarette holder.


Image source: Blonde Banter

3. Cher from Clueless – as most thrift stores have pretty funky things, it shouldn’t be hard to find aย plaid blazer. To complete the look, you’ll need a mini skirt (even better if you can find a plaid and matching one, I’m only saying this from experience because I’ve definitely spotted a few sets in the countless thrift stores I’ve been to!), a white shirt, and knee high socks. Bonus if you have an old school flip phone and basically designer anything.


Image source: Popsugar

4. Tom Cruise from Risky Business – you might not even need to go to the thrift shop for this. All you need is an oversized white button-up shirt (if you don’t own one go raid your boyfriend’s/dad’s wardrobe!), some white socks and black sunnies.


Image source: Pinterest

5. Prom Queen or Bridesmaid – what girl doesn’t like having an occasion where they can dress nicely? You’re bound to find a few extravagant dresses from thrift stores, or if you could even ask your friends for their old prom/formal dresses.


Image source: Capital Xtra

6. Macklemore from Thrift Shop – best costume of all. You’ll need a huge fur coat that’s both ridiculous and fabulous at the same time, and basically anything animal print.

And don’t forget you can always spice up your costume with a little makeup!


Image source: UKCN

What are your favourite Halloween costumes?



12 thoughts on “Easy Thrifted Halloween Costumes

    • wearclothesoutnottheplanet says:

      That’s great! The things you find at thrift shops are endless and you can ALWAYS find something at thrift shops, even if it’s something you’ll have to rework or restyle at home by yourself (check out my most recent blog posts on DIY ideas!). It’s just whether or not you put the effort into looking ๐Ÿ™‚


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