The Wonders of DIY

Found something at a thrift shop with a really cute pattern or in an amazing colour, but not a big fan of the style? Have something in your closet that you don’t think you’ll ever wear again so you’re planning to chuck it out? Why not think again and see whether you can change things up little! There are literally millions of ways you can restyle a piece of clothing, whether it is simply by picking up a pair of scissors or putting a thread through a needle.

Here are some of my favourite DIY ideas:

Transform a long t-shirt dress into a twist/cut-out dressdb17d30dce206733e2ff4657ca7e0c9a23a25adc

Image source: Minq

From an old long sleeve blouse into a cute neck tie, sleeveless blouse2638106

Image source: Polka Pics

This is just way too cute I had to include it! Turning daddy’s shirts into cute baby clothes

Image sources: Craftsy and Arte Com Quiane

Some awesome ways to restyle your jeans!

Turn them into shortsimg_671.jpg

Image source: AEO

Scalloped shorts84cce1dcbde64bc86094c09d5383fe0f

Add lace to your denim shorts8a8770d258e8f307b1c385163928368e

Image source: Brooke College Style

DIY Denim Cargo Vestdiydenimcargovest

Image Source: In Honour of Design

I’ve actually done this one myself before! Bought a men’s denim jacket from a thrift shop and cut off the sleeves and the hem.IMG_7723 copy.jpg

And the best for last. Heard of the brand Yeezy? Seen a Kardashian rocking a pair of Yeezy boots and you’re absolutely in love but you just have no time for long lines and waiting lists, and of course don’t want to pay a fortune for a pair of boots? Check out this AWESOME idea originally by Shay Cherise (@thenuvogue). Get your hands on a pair of these DIY Yeezy boots (and honestly I think they look exactly the same as the actual ones!) simply by putting a pair of socks over some stilettos, snip a hole at the heel, then TA-DA! Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 5.46.54 pm.png

Photo from @carlibel

Also check out her video tutorial on how to make them!

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, if we could simply extend the lifecycle of our clothes by 9 months, we can reduce the water footprint of our clothing by 30%. A whopping 30%! And honestly it’s not that hard to extend the lifecycle of our clothes, whether it is just making sure you follow the wash instructions and preserve the quality of your clothes, or if you’re sick of them you could always sell or swap them for other clothes, letting other people extend the lifecycle for you. But don’t be afraid to get a little creative and change up the styles or come up with ways to rework your items!

What are some of your favourite DIY ideas? I would love to hear some of your ideas!




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