Top Fashion Trends Repeated from the Past

One of the key reasons to why people dislike second-hand fashion is probably because they think second-hand clothes are always outdated and not following the latest fashion trends. If you are one of these people, you should think again! You may not realise, but many fashion trends are either adapted or repeated (maybe with a slight tweak) from the past! Whether it is from a few years back, or even decades, history tends to repeat itself, especially in the fashion world.

Here are some of the top fashion trends that are repeated from the past:


Image source: Refinery 29 & Sydne Style


Image source: Refinery 29 & T Magazine

Flared Jeans

Image source: Refinery 29 & About Style



Image sources: Pinterest, BuzzfeedVa Va Vouge



Image source: InStyle

And just basically anything denim!

The 28th Annual American Music Awards

Image source: Entertainment Tonight, Style Coquettes & Fashion Cadet

The fashion industry often prides itself in innovation, however, as you can see, some of today’s most on-trend looks are actually borrowed from the past. So next time you think second-hand or thrifted items are old fashioned and outdated, don’t forget that fashion trends always return! Even if you find something at the thrift shop that isn’t popular right this moment, who knows maybe that trend could resurface within months, or you could even bring back a popular trend from the past!

What are your favourite reoccurring fashion trends? Would love to hear your opinion!




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